Exit Planning

Preparing Your Business for the Future

You’ve spent your whole career nurturing your business. What happens next?

Planning for a Business Exit

Let’s face it: Your business is your baby. You’ve spent countless hours nurturing it and helping it grow. When it’s time for you to leave the nest, will your business be ready? Failing to plan for your business exit can backfire in many ways for you, your employees and your stakeholders.

That’s where exit planning comes in. Whether you choose to sell your business to family, employees, a third party, or you’re just not ready yet, Blue Value Advisors can help. 

Because ultimately, we want your customized exit plan to allow you to leave your business on your terms and financially stable grounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exit Planning FAQs

Read answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the exit planning process.

General Exit Planning FAQs

I hear a lot about exit planning in the market. What makes Blue Value Advisors different from others?

Our team collectively has nearly 100 years of experience working with and advising small business owners. We combine our CEPA training with our CPA firm background to provide a holistic approach to exit planning few other advisors can rival. We leverage our relationships with other professional advisors to provide best-in-class expertise when needed. If you are a client of Blue & Co. LLC, we supplement the services provided by your current client service team.

I’m not planning to retire for five to 10 years. Why should I talk to Blue Value Advisors now?

There is no better time to start planning than now! Sadly, several studies and our own personal experiences with clients show that most owners wait until it is too late to start planning and end up with a transition that isn’t on their terms or in their timing. They end up regretting all or part of their decision. Our No. 1 priority is to help our clients achieve the transitions they desire on their terms. It can take years to prepare an owner and business for this level of success.

I’m not ready to talk about transitioning my business yet. Should I talk to Blue Value Advisors?

Yes. The business operational changes that can be implemented can yield improved profit margins, lessen operational risk, and potentially uncover a reduced tax burden. The sooner these strategies are implemented, the sooner the business owner can begin to see the benefits BVA can bring to the table.

Do you only offer exit planning services at Blue Value Advisors?

No! At Blue Value Advisors, we don’t think of our service offering as strictly exit planning. That is often an outcome of the work we do, but our goal is something different: We want every owner to build the maximum value they can within their business and then help them harvest that value. Whether that harvest of value comes via an eventual transition, or they simply enjoy increased profits, cash flow and other benefits of a more valuable business along the way, our priority is to help owners build the value.

Help! I fear I’ve waited too long to start planning for an exit. I’m ready to retire in the next couple of years and don’t have a solid plan. Can you help?

Yes! It will be a fast-paced and likely intense project, but we can work with you to help you exit on your terms. We’ll work to quickly create a prioritized plan of items that need to be addressed to build value, while at the same time preparing you and your business for the transition. 

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Let’s Prepare Your Business for the Future

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future of your company — even if leaving it isn’t in the cards yet. Talk to a Blue Value Advisor today to find strategies that improve revenue, protect assets, and prepare you and your stakeholders for what’s ahead.