Business Valuation

What Is Your Company’s Worth?

A business valuation will help you match your reality with expectations by providing an honest look at the price of your company.

Find Your Worth to Meet Your Goals

To understand where your business ranks in the industry, you have to know your worth. Knowing your worth and tracking growth over time will help you find ways to improve operations so that when you decide to exit the business, you know it will be in good hands and that you have a cushion to rely on.

Completing a business valuation with Blue Value Advisors starts a chain of events that results in a thriving business. We take your results, discuss them with you, and find ways to increase cash flow and identify areas for improvement. When paired with our business risk analysis, you’ll get a holistic view of your business as it stands in the industry.

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Benefits of Performing a Business Valuation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Valuation FAQs

Read answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the exit planning process.

What are the key performance indicators that I need to look at when getting a business valuation?

A good starting point is industry benchmarks related to earnings as a percentage of gross revenue, as well as owners’ discretionary earnings as a percentage of revenue. What is not readily apparent is the level of ownership involvement in the business and how that can actually reduce the value.

Why do I need to complete a formal business valuation?

The formal valuation process goes beyond multiples of earnings compared to the industry. People often believe their company has a certain value simply because of the industry in which they operate. While that may be a potential reality, they often fail to consider the operational risks that are preventing them from achieving higher multiples. The valuation process will help to address many of those risks and help to give us a roadmap on how to improve value.

How is this process unique from what other business advisors offer?

At BVA, our team and other internal resources at Blue & Co. can bring a breadth and depth of knowledge that most advisory groups just don’t have available. We have all advised our clients on the various stages of this process for many years. BVA has now taken the time to add significant structure to this process so that our clients can harvest the value of their business — not only upon exit down the road, but for many years leading up to that exit.

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