Business Risk Analysis

Objective Feedback. Actionable Results.

Get a clear picture of where your business ranks in the industry by taking our free business risk analysis. 

Find Growth Opportunities and Squash Weaknesses

Taking the Blue Value Advisors business risk analysis will help your company in the long run — no matter how long you’ve been in business. The analysis will ask questions about your company, the company’s ownership and management structures, and more. 

It will rank your company based on business drivers. For example: Are you too reliant on a single customer? Could the business continue to operate if you were to leave? How do you stack up with your industry competitors?

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Benefits of Performing a Risk Analysis

Our Business Risk Analysis Process

During this 13-minute analysis, you’ll answer questions that will prepare your business for the future. A Blue Value Advisor will walk you through questions that will:

  • Identify what is keeping you from building a company that can thrive when you leave 
  • Visualize your business from the eyes of a potential buyer 
  • Discover weaknesses bringing down the value of your company 
  • Pinpoint attributes that make your business valuable

Taking your results, our advisors will work with you to quantify opportunities and create a roadmap for growth. When paired with a business valuation, we can get even more granular.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Risk Analysis FAQs

Read answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the business risk analysis.

What are common risks that business owners should look to address?

The most common risks can be summarized as follows (often referred to as the 5 D’s) – Death, Disability, Divorce, Disagreement and Distress.

How do you assess the risks in my business?

We utilize an assessment tool to provide unbiased, objective feedback related to your business. From that feedback, we’ll work with you to prioritize the areas of risk, and develop plans to mitigate or minimize the risk.

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Let’s Prepare Your Business for the Future

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future of your company — even if leaving it isn’t in the cards yet. Talk to a Blue Value Advisor today to find strategies that improve revenue, protect assets, and prepare you and your stakeholders for what’s ahead.