Eric Jaske, Founding Director, Owner

Eric Jaske




Eric Jaske - man posing for photo in suit

Eric Jaske specializes in taxation of closely held businesses in Blue's Carmel, IN, office. Eric serves companies in various industries, including technology, service, construction and real estate. He provides financial, strategic, merger, acquisition and tax planning services to businesses and individuals. He has been with Blue for 15 years and has 18 years of overall public accounting experience. 

Having compliance early in his career, Eric shifted his focus at Blue over the years to be more on the consulting side on issues such as:

  • Mergers and acquisition/succession planning
  • Wealth management planning 
  • Long-term strategy planning
  • Benefit planning with clients as far as 401(k) planning goes 
  • Long-term benefits
  • Deferred compensation plans

Eric believes Blue is here to serve clients and client service standards are of the utmost importance. Advisors should be confident in their abilities and skillset to be able to bring other service line opportunities to our clients to continue to enhance their client experience and show that our client service standards are very important to Blue. 

Clients should view Blue as their partners —  whether it be the firm and representatives, the partners, the client service managers — we want them to see us as an extension of their business. Want them to be able to call us for any matter. 

Eric is married and enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. He spends his free time coaching kids at various sporting events. 

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